Putting our global reach to work for you.

Who We Are

“Putting The Power Of A Global Vision In Your Corner”

Global Alliance USA (GAUSA) is a project development and funding firm working around the world to augment international business contracts. We have richly-cultivated relationships with key decision-makers in many parts of the world. We also have a team of talented, knowledgeable, and capable people with an extensive array of experience in international business.

GAUSA has a team of dedicated professionals qualified to lead the way in contract solicitation and negotiation. GAUSA has well-established business and government contacts throughout the world, including government officials, ministers, and business developers. We know how to create bankable documents that will get your project funded. Once your project is off the ground, GAUSA can provide planning and management services to ensure your project is completed efficiently and on time.

One of our primary focal points is the continent of Africa. With some of the fastest growing economies in the world, the nations of Africa present emerging markets that provide opportunities in areas such as construction, engineering, infrastructure development, and much more. GAUSA has a regional office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Seoul, S. Korea and a satellite office in Botswana and The Gambia allowing us to operate from a position of strength within the region. Our established presence allows us to gain greater access to opportunities and strengthens our position as a trusted partner.

Our headquarters is strategically located in Atlanta, Georgia, and we assist clients worldwide.